Spiritual Driver’s Ed.

Posted: November 15, 2008 in positive thinking
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Today as I was driving home, a giant truck started pulling out of his lane into mine and nearly into my car, but thankfully I saw him coming and was able to maneuver out of the way.

At the time, it was interesting to me that someone who drives all the time for a living jumbled me – momentarily – and nearly crushed my world – at least for one day. But everyone makes mistakes… even the experts.

Interestingly, I have witnessed the aftermath of three accidents over the past two days as well. I finally realized that there was a message for me in these experiences.

In the path of life, sometimes people will come along who, it seems like, are trying to crush the spirit out of you. Maybe they mean it or maybe they don’t, but sometimes – if you are not paying attention to the detail of staying on your own path – you can be overcome by them. 

Staying focused on your own path, keeping peripheral vision on alert, will help to steer clear of the damage these people are trying to do. 

You don’t necessarily need the same size vehicle as the one they are driving. You could be driving a moped, but if you are focused on where you are going, you will have the nimbleness to get out of the way and avoid the damage they would inflict.

So the next time, someone steers into your lane and nearly crushes your spirit, remember to quickly drive away from them. You needn’t look back or waste precious gas turning around to address them.

Just keep driving towards your destination.


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