Panda as Teacher

Panda as Teacher

(This was originally posted on-line on November 16, 2008)

Something is stirring inside me. It has been for a number of days but I’m having so much trouble getting past the emotion and letting the words come out.

I have so much writing to do but I feel like it’s coming out in a jumbled mess. Still, I feel a need to post this. I hope I won’t read it tomorrow, slap my shaking forehead while asking myself, “Why did I post that?”

There are things floating around in my unconsciousness which I’m trying to avoid, but my body won’t let me… the fires and the empty space yelling out at me – you know the one where my dad, my friend, and my father-in-law now sit.

Today is the birthday of one of them which, I suspect is why my energy is off. It’s also hard to avoid the subject knowing that I will soon be sitting in a room with many others who are missing them as well.

This morning we left to take my son to a baseball party today and I was overwhelmed when I saw the acres and acres of burned hillsides. We saw an empty lot where a house once stood. It added to my jumbled state.

Flash back to a few nights ago when I had one of those dreams that are so life-like that it felt like a message. In my dream, I was being given a gift of Himalayan Pink Salt because it helps to “maintain good health and prevent aging” the gift-giver said. Here’s more information if you would like to read about it (I just picked a random site. I bought mine at Whole Foods):

Himalayan Salt

Then this past Friday, I took my kids to see Kung Fu Panda, which sounded like a cute movie. It was more than cute though – I loved it and the lessons it was trying to teach.

There was one character in the movie, who kept repeating… (I’m sure many of you have heard these before but I love them every time I hear them)…

“There are no accidents.”

And another:

“Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.”

And another:

“The secret ingredient is that there is no secret ingredient; there is only believing that there is one.”

So that was weird, first a dream about a Himalayan “product” and then a philosophical Panda story…

I have no more commentary. My writing circuits are fried and I still have at least 2,500 words to pump out tonight for my project. May the panda bear be with you (and me) and show us all the will power inside.

I hope this jumbled mess all made some sort of sense…

The Panda

Pandas are white and black bear like mammals found in the forest areas of west central China. Their coloring holds the energy of polarity. The panda reminds us to broaden our vision and not get caught in one side or the other. For those with this totem personal challenges relating to polarized concepts are common. Past life ties associated with the light as well as the dark forces is also indicated.

The giant panda grows to a length of five feet and weighs about two hundred pounds. It feeds almost exclusively on bamboo and is able to grasp the young stems and leaves of this plant with the aid of a special thumb like structure on its front foot. In metaphysics the thumb symbolizes will power. The panda teaches us that anything can be accomplished if the desire is strong enough.

Although the panda feeds on bamboo its digestive system is that of a carnivore and so the animal is unable to digest cellulose, which is the main constituent of bamboo. Consequently, the panda must consume enormous quantities of bamboo in order to obtain from this plant the nourishment it needs. Panda medicine people often develop problems with their digestive system so extra care is advised.

Pandas have a lumbering gait on the ground but are agile tree climbers. They prefer being up high watching what is happening on the ground below. From this vantage point the panda is able to maintain a spiritual connection with the seen and unseen forces.

Pandas live alone except when breeding, indicating a solitary lifestyle. Those with this medicine will be happiest when living by themselves. Relationships can be acquired and maintained but only if a partner respects the need for privacy and sacred space. Although relationship issues are common for those with this totem a panda medicine person will be forced to rely on their intuitive voice for nourishment and guidance. This aids them in developing a deeper understanding of who they truly are. From the perspective of spiritual growth this understanding is a fundamental requirement for the soul’s evolution.

Some might say that panda medicine is full of difficulties and others may see its true value. Whichever way you choose to perceive this ally one thing is certain. The panda is a powerful teacher. All that is needed by the student is a willingness to learn.

Panda Bear


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