April Poem-A-Day Challenge – Day 11

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For this Poem-A-Day challenge, I am doing something a little different. I am saving most of my poems to revise and submit to literary magazines. The ones I don’t plan on submitting anywhere, you get the joy of reading. These are the goofy, unpolished ones. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The prompt for day 11 of Robert Lee Brewer’s April PAD challenge is:

“For today’s prompt, take the phrase “In Case of (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Possible titles could include “In Case of Emergency,” “In Case of Oversleeping,” “In Case of Snoring,” or something else.”

Man passed out on books

Overtaken by Wordiness?

In Case of Wordiness

Use a red pen to strike
up a conversation with art-
iculation, befriend words
like gesticulation, say good-
night to the crowded
room of the’s and a’s, become
friends with affect
and effect, memorize the triplets’ –
they’re, their, and there are easily
confused, they look
so much alike. Pull out the dictionary
or thesaurus to develop word
posturing, feel osmosis occur
under weight of spine
upon skull, wash your mouth
out with unnecessary
expletives, slang, fight through
forest of red slashes, find
your way home
to writing with


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